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Another Top 5 Party School List For 2014

Another Top 5 Party School List

Of course, the idea behind going to college is to get a fine education that will enable you to get a good job and launch a great career. But the real great thing about college life is the parties. America’s colleges and universities are full of hedonistic delights straight out of Animal House, dripping with the scent of alcohol, sweat and fun. But which schools party the hardest? Ultius has comprised this list of the top five party schools in the United States. This essay is an example of the just for fun posts provided by our writers.

Miami University: Soaking up the sun and a few suds

Who wouldn’t want to go to Miami? The sun-kissed beaches of South Florida are right outside the dorm rooms and residence halls of this fine institution, ideal for awesome year-round parties. The sports teams of “The U” are always contenders (plenty of sports parties there), and there are always plenty of exciting on-campus ragers. Local uptown bars like Brick Street and CJ’s are legend to Miami students, and the dancing scene is incredible.

The University of Massachusetts: Infamous all-nighters

There’s a reason it’s called “ZooMass.” The on-campus scene is full of awesome, all-night parties just about every weekend (and weekday), and downtown Amherst, Massachusetts teems with fun. Western Massachusetts might not seem like a party locale, but places like The Monkey Bar, Stackers, and Snowzees offer plenty of fun and a way to survive final exams.

West Virginia University: Music, parties, and friends

What’s there to do in West Virginia? Party, party, party. The music scene is great – there are plenty of on- and off-campus concerts, jam sessions and karaoke opportunities – and beyond the crazy house and frat parties on campus, downtown Morgantown is full of amazing college bars. How could you turn down a chance to party at The Tilted Kilt, The Rat Pack and Fat Daddy’s?

Tulane University: Partying the New Orleans’ way

It may not be Las Vegas, but this party-heavy college is the next best thing. Headquartered right in the middle of America’s wildest party city – New Orleans – Tulane University offers an incredible time for any one of its students. Downtown New Orleans offers a plethora of bars and live music joints, and the non-stop nightlife teems with the sweet jazz sounds of the city; the Tulane-centric bars “The Boot” and “The Palms” are local favorites, and there is a lively Greek scene on and off campus.

Wisconsin University: Campus party capital of the U.S.

The number one spot goes to this lively school in the land of the Packers, cheese and awesome beer. The University of Wisconsin at Madison not only boasts a rocking on-campus party scene (tons of rollicking house parties and frat-house bashes) but the nearby State Street section of Madison is jam-packed full of amazing bars with cheap drink specials (and delicious comfort food). It’s nearly impossible to avoid partying at spots like Chaser’s, The Plaza, Hawk’s or any other place at Wisconsin-Madison. With all the opportunities to have fun times (and make bad decisions), Wisconsin is a clear choice for the #1 spot.

Honorable mentions: Holding their own in the party scene

When it comes to the top party schools in the country, it is important to remember that this list does change annually. Depending on the school class, recent events, and just local turnouts for games and particular festivities, there is always a fluctuation in the top party schools. So, we decided to throw in this list of schools that are generally viewed as great party schools, but didn’t quite make it to the top.

Florida State University

The state of Florida is always going to do well when it comes to party schools. When you mix college with warm weather and solid sporting events, it is always going to turn into a party. Due to this, there is no surprise why Florida State University is always a strong contender. Plus, this party college is only two hours away from one the top 10 vacation spots for college students.

University of Southern California

While the football team hasn’t been performing all that well, at least up to USC standards, this Los Angeles based school not only has one of the best academic programs of all the schools on the list, but it also is able to combine excellent weather and sunshine with its location in the nation’s second largest city, which is full of celebrities. With all of those ingredients, USC is worthy of honorable mention.

University of Colorado

While University of Colorado’s appearance in this list of honorable mentions might surprise some who have never been to the school, it would not surprise anyone who has experienced the area. While its sports might be floundering a bit, there is just so much to do that there is always a party and activity going on somewhere.

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