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Five Ways To Know You Are a Freshman

Everyone had to face the dreaded first day of college and smug looks from seniors. This free sample essay explores the five ways to spot freshmen.

Five telltale signs of a freshman

Freshmen, you’ve seen them. At the start of every fall quarter, they are everywhere. Staring, wandering, and wide-eyed like a school of lost fish. They meander from class to class, right on time or a few minutes in advance. But do you know how to really spot them in a crowd? Here are five ways to know you are a college freshman!

Lanyards match school identification badge

If there is one thing that all freshman have, it is the complementary lanyard given to them by their orientation leaders or resident advisors. They wear them proudly and boldly upon their chests like a badge of honor, not knowing they look more like dog collars that symbolize their obedience to the system that controls them. The lanyards swing from side to side, carrying their freshman identification badge and keys to their dormitories. If you’re looking for a way to show others it’s your first week in college, lanyards are easily one the most identifiable signs.

Signing up for too many student organizations

College freshmen have one thing in common- most of them sign up for ten different organizations their first week on campus, create elaborate schedules to fit them all in, and then end up never going to any of the meetings within a few weeks. Freshmen eyes are full of hopes and dreams, but these hopes and dreams never translate to waking up in time to go to an early morning class or a student organization that meets around dinnertime. College is a time for realism and practicality and reasonable time management, and most freshmen lack these qualities, not knowing that they now have to focus on more than just school.

Wearing too much high school apparel

Look, no one cares if you were on the Bob Dylan High School Track and Field team. It’s college, and chances are no one knows nor particularly cares where you went to school. High school apparel is good and well, but it’s what you do in college that actually matters from now on. Wear it to the library, wear it to the gym, but don’t wear it like you actually think it means anything.

Buying textbooks from the school bookstore

I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a textbook. One of the top five freshmen college tips I received in college was “Don’t spend money on textbooks in the bookstore.” It just doesn’t happen anymore. Chances are you can find the readings or books in the library, or at the very least acquire the text from other sources. If you’re really set on buying your book, get the international student edition online, which is way cheaper, or buy the e-book copy. Buying textbooks brand-new from the school is a great indicator that you, sir or madam, are a freshmen.

Attending all the RA events

If there’s one sign you’re a freshman, it’s that you go to your RA’s events. Pizza and ice cream is great, especially when it’s free, but barring that sort of occurrence, going to an RA’s event is a surefire sign you are a college freshman.

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