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Hot New app Gets You Dates – Tinder iPhone App

You are in college and are always looking to get more dates with others. Besides going to bars, meeting others in class and random luck, it can still be tough. That’s where Tinder steps in. It’s an iPhone App that is going viral in the country right now. It debuted a while ago in Los Angeles and has since spread to almost every major city. This application truly works and is a great way to meet other people in college. Let’s see how the magic works:

How Tinder Works

You simply download the iPhone App (download here) and then open it up. It will connect with your Facebook account in order to pull your profile picture, interests and friends. Don’t worry, it doesn’t post anything on your wall and doesn’t have advertisements either (not yet, anyways). After that, you are shown pictures of people where you either swipe left for no and right for yes. If both of you swipe yes, then you are matched and the conversation begins. This is the fun part. You are free to chat and exchange phone numbers after you get to know each other. If you don’t like someone after talking to them, then you can just block them. This application works great when you are in a new city or in your home town. You would be surprised to know just how many people there are that want to get “matched.”

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Making Tinder Work For You

So, you have a match, started a conversation and are wondering what the next step is. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Just try to use any opening to get the conversation going with familiarity. If you guys have any mutual friends, start off with that and then move into deeper topics. Generally, women want a little more assurance then men, so it is a good idea to exchange Facebook profiles first. This reduces uncertainty for both parties and allows you to get to know your match better without digging them for questions. After that, go in for the kill and get those digits!

The First Tinder Date – Some Ideas

If you are ready to go on your first Tinder date, make sure to get groomed, shower and be on your A game. If you are working on any essays or research papers, get those done so that you can focus your concentration on just making your date laugh and have a good time. It may be a little awkward at first, so here is a list of great first date spots that takes pressure off of both parties:

Coffee – Coffee dates are great because they are cheap, quick and can turn into a dinner really quickly. If both people aren’t feeling the vibe, then it makes for an easy exit too.

Drinks with mutual friends – If safety is a chief concern, then go on a group date with some mutual friends so that you can feel secure. A group date may not be feasible, but it’s worth a shot.

Getting the first date out of the way is probably the first step in realizing that Tinder is a great way to meet new people around you. If you are just trying it out for the first time, then it may take some time for you to accrue matches. After all, you can’t expect an app where you will meet with 10/10 of your matches, right?

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Be Patient!

This is an important Tinder tip: be patient. If you have over twenty matches and don’t seem to connect with anyone, it may take some more time. If you travel, then ¬†make sure to swipe away while you are at an airport, train station or bus. Swiping while driivng is a good way to increase your chance of success, but don’t do it if it is unsafe for the road. If you downloaded Tinder and have not had any luck yet, then it may be time to switch up a few things. Let’s take a look.

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Profile Picture Selection With Tinder

Make sure to realize that your Tinder profile picture is your first impression. For this case, it is usually the only impression you get for the other person to make a decision. Avoid pictures with other people as they are going to guess who is who and most likely not swipe you to the right. Also, pictures with the opposite sex may increase your chances of getting more matches, or chances for love. If you are trying to appeal to a specific type of girl, check out the six girls you will date in college for more information.

Tell us about your luck with Tinder in the comments.

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