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Is It OK to Use Essay Writing Services for Dissertation Writing Help?

Where do you turn if you need help writing the most important document of your academic career? Are essay writing services trustworthy when it comes to dissertation help? These are important questions, especially in today’s political and academic climate.

This post will cover everything you need to know including when to ask for help with the dissertation writing process and how to find a reliable online service that provides the customized assistance you are looking for.

We will talk about:

  • How to know when it is the right time to ask for help with your dissertation.
  • The low down on essay writing services and what you need to know.
  • How to have the best experience working with a writing service.
  • How essay writing services can help you with your dissertation.
  • How to find a trustworthy essay writing service if you choose to explore online assistance.

When should you ask for help with your dissertation?

Perhaps it is nearing time to finalize your research proposal or even defend your dissertation. Or, maybe you are still in the early stages of trying to iron out a research topic and problem statement. No matter what stage of the journey you are in, it can be just that—an arduous process. As a student trying to put your best foot forward while juggling work-life-school balance on a budget, knowing when to ask for–and invest in—help can be a bit tricky.

But sometimes asking for help is completely OK and can save an enormous amount of time, headache and money in the long run. Especially when it may feel as though you are at a standstill, or playing catch up, trying to do everything on your own.

A good rule of thumb is: when in doubt, consider asking for assistance; especially if your academic career is on the line. Besides, receiving support is a core element of earning a degree. In other words, sufficient learning support is an integral part of the learning process.

Here are four red flags that often indicate it is time to seek tutoring, research or writing help with your dissertation:

  • You are juggling work, family, school and extracurricular activates and the thought of organizing 50 plus articles into a literature review, let alone write the introduction chapter, makes your brain go into instant shutdown mode. Thankfully, one of the things a qualified writing service is able to do is help you compile your knowledge and ideas into a succinct, organized outline or example draft, while assisting with the research process. This can save you time and headache while helping you overcome writer’s block.
  • Deciding on your research design, questions, and method feels confusing and overwhelming.
    If you can relate, rest assured—you are not alone! The doctoral process is extensive and requires a lot from students. There are high quality tutoring and writing services that can help you break down and make sense of the research process so that it is less daunting.
  • Chair feedback and revisions are starting to feel like you are on a hamster wheel.
    Each university’s requirements are different, and often universities will provide a template or criteria checklist for the dissertation process. But what can complicate things further is that each chair’s preferences and opinions vary. Making sense of your committee’s feedback and implementing it properly can be a challenge requiring assistance and clarification.
  • Your strong suite is not writing, or you are still learning English.
    We all have different strengths, and that is completely OK. The challenge is that universities must find a uniform way of assessing students’ knowledge. This means students must write cohesive, well-organized papers, and at the graduate level, write an polished dissertation or thesis. If English is not your first language, or writing is simply an area you benefit from assistance in, getting help with adjusting the subtle wording of your dissertation can mean the difference between graduation or a costly “repeat” attempt.

So, clearly, asking for help can be a major plus. But, what about online writing services? Are they trustworthy? Is using a writing service plagiarism? And are there services that are actually professional enough to help with something as rigorous as the dissertation? All fantastic questions. Here is the low-down of what you need to know about essay writing services and your graduate career.

What you need to know about essay writing services

There are tons of paper writing services online, as you may have already explored. And not all are equal when it comes to quality. As a student looking to invest in the best assistance and maintain academic integrity, it is important to be an informed buyer of the assistance you invest in.

When it comes to essay writing services, there are three keys to keep in mind:

1) High quality essay writing services are legitimate and OK to use

Notice we said, “high quality.” Unfortunately, there are plenty of essay writing services online that are poor quality, which are usually very inexpensive or free.

The problem with using inexpensive or free writing services is that you likely run the risk of receiving recycled, plagiarized content, and not getting the one-on-one support and communication that is appropriate for graduate-level work. Many free or cheap paper writing services simply re-sell content, which is a huge issue.

However, if you work with a high quality, professional writing services, such as Ultius, content is 100% original and students are able to communicate one-on-one with professional writers.

Top tier services will be able to provide feedback, recommendations, editing help (such as dissertation editing) and high quality example drafts that you can use to guide your own writing development. We will talk more in the last section about how to find a high quality service.

In other words, if you are using a top tier service that provides original content and example papers, working with an essay writing service is completely OK and legitimate, just as using an online tutor is.

2) Free usually leads to frustration

As mentioned, many free services provide recycled, re-sold content, which is technically plagiarism. If you’re worried about plagiarized content, it’s important to learn how to avoid plagiarism when buying an essay online. Plus, not being able to easily access customer support or message your writer (a feature that many free services lack) can lead to massive frustration if you run into questions or an issue with the draft you receive. Usually the dissertation writing process requires revisions, edits and extensive assistance, so you will want to be sure to choose a writing platform that allows you to communicate easily with a professional writer.

3) Some top tier essay writing services offer customized dissertation tutoring

When you are in need of dissertation writing help, it is often more than just writing assistance that is needed. You may need help with things like:

  • Making sense of chair feedback and editing your dissertation.
  • Updating sources and finding more relevant research.
  • Revising your methodology to match your research problem, purpose or questions.

When it comes to these in-depth aspects of dissertation writing, top tier services who hire professional writers can help. Again, be sure to steer clear of inexpensive or free sites that usually only offer papers, with no customized assistance.

How to have the best experience working with a writing service

Keep in mind that a professional writer working with a high quality essay writing service is able to offer better assistance if given all relevant and needed information. In other words, if you choose to work with an essay writing service for help with your dissertation, it is crucial that you provide your writer with everything they need to know, including:

  • Your university’s dissertation rubric or template.
  • All existing writing or preliminary outlines you already created.
  • Any research articles you may have and want to be sure are included.
  • Preferences about how you want to conduct your research (if you have them yet), like your research questions, desired method, design, sample size and location, etc.

Once you provide your writer with all relevant information, do not be afraid to ask questions. Keep the lines of communication open, check messages frequently and if you have any questions at all about a writing service’s policies, reach out to customer support.

How essay writing services can help with your dissertation

Even with access to the support of peers, chairs or on-campus tutors, being able to have a third set of eyes look over your draft or help with the research process from the comfort of your own home can speed the writing process and clarify confusing issues.

In review, here are some of the main ways a high quality essay writing service can provide dissertation writing help:

  • Providing clarity on topic, study purpose, problem statements or research questions.
  • Outlining and organizing research, such as providing an annotated bibliography in correct citation format.
  • Making sense of feedback, revisions and edits.
  • Proofreading for grammar, phrasing and alignment of language (university chairs are big on making sure your language aligns with your study method—if you are not sure what that entails, writing services such as Ultius can provide guidance).
  • Getting approved! No doubt, earning a doctorate may feel like climbing Mount Everest at times, but help from a professional writer who has likely interpreted hundreds of professor feedback comments and written numerous high-level drafts, can make the journey towards approval and graduation much smoother.

How to find a trustworthy essay writing service

Perhaps you just want to test the waters and see if working with an online service is right for you, or maybe you are ready to collaborate full force with a professional writer to complete your dissertation. Either way, it is important to know what to look for. Keep these tips in mind when searching for the right service online.

Think investment rather than bargain buy

Remember, your graduate level education deserves top quality. Just as you may have invested in a chosen university, investing in high quality tutoring is also important. In other words, consider saving the bargain buys for King Soopers and approach writing assistance as an investment, and you are more likely to be happy with the outcome.

Scour the internet for reviews

Look everywhere. Look at third party sites in addition to on an essay writing service’s website. (Any service worth their salt will post or reference reviews somewhere on their site). But, do not stop there. Check out places like Quora, Facebook, Reddit and even Glassdoor. Learn what others who use the service have to say. And be wary of 100% perfect reviews, which are more likely to be fabricated.

Ask to see examples

If you cannot find writing samples on a writing service website, call customer service and ask to see samples of work. Are they high quality? Are they fitting for the level of writing you would expect a dissertation wiring tutor to be able to provide? Looking at examples is an excellent way to qualify a writing service.

Know how writers are selected

High quality essay writing services will hire professional—not novice—writers. For instance, top services such as Ultius only hire a mere 6% of writers who apply. Consider calling the essay writing service you are evaluating and ask them to describe their hiring process.

When an essay writing service checks all these boxes, you will be set for success moving forward with the writing process.

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