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Junior Developer Jobs Las Vegas

The Junior Developer role is vital to the company’s ability to maintain an excellent user experience for both our customers and personnel. With a growing client base expanding across over 30 countries, ensuring that our unique order fulfillment process optimally serves client needs is of utmost importance. As a company that values innovation, we welcome technical skills that will aid us in ensuring customer standards are met and exceeded.

Brief Job Description

The Junior Developer role is responsible for writing software following our preset timeline. This position will aid in refining the application process for our writing staff, administrative personnel and customers. Furthermore, the Junior Developer will improve workflow and productivity within the company by including updated components into our existing application. Visit our Careers page

Company Overview

Ultius is the global leader in consumer writing services and provides trusted content solutions for customers in over 30 countries Every day, Ultius delivers high quality content while providing tremendous client support. With a global headquarters in Las Vegas, Ultius employs over 30 full time employees and thousands of remotely located writers. Ultius is quickly growing and looking for talented employees that are passionate about customer satisfaction and delivering positive business outcomes in a competitive environment.

Position Perks

The Junior Developer will enjoy the flexibility of working remotely with an autonomous work environment. This position also offers a flexible work schedule, competitive compensation, wonderful company culture, and flexible management. Additionally, the successful Las Vegas applicant will enjoy access to the ping pong table in our Las Vegas location.

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