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Sample Essay on the ORME: Science’s Philosopher’s Stone

This sample essay represents the professional quality and features of working with an Ultius professional writer. In this essay, the character, generation, and application of Ormus will be revealed thus perhaps bringing to completion one of history’s greatest riddles.

Defining alchemy

Alchemy is defined by Webster’s international Dictionary as:

“The medieval chemical science, whose great objects were the transmutation of the baser metals into gold, and the discovery of the universal cure for diseases and means of indefinitely prolonging life” (Case 13).

This pseudoscience didn’t start as a legend. Like most myths and traditions, its roots come from art, religion, and literature. art and tradition honed by Medieval scientists, alchemy was practiced by ancient spiritual and societal nations including Celts, Norse, ancient Hebrews, and even the mysterious Egyptians (Bluehorse 235).

Even more intriguing was Nostradamus’ prediction, that by 1999, the occult gold, that is the secretive substance achieved through the alchemical process, shall be known to science. In all likelihood, the true gold has finally been achieved and its name is ORME or Ormus. Ormus is a most special and rare elemental substance whose monatomic structure and has strong ties to gold, healing, and even alchemical neutralization and activation.

The quest of alchemy

The human quest for the indefinite prolongation and enhancement of life is ancient and profound. Almost all cultures have sought a means to achieve better and longer activity and, though not all methods and/or results can be observed to be exactly the same, there is, nonetheless, a common thread found in most spiritual and philosophic traditions: that of a secret and wonderful substance whose presence can only be found as gift of eternity or heaven to Earth.

Ormus in its inert monatomic state, to be discussed later, can be conceived of as Aether, the fifth element, a substance that would fit such a description. The traditional fourfold elemental table commonly found in Norse mythology, Asian philosophy, and European legends/ of water, fire, earth, and air is in some paradigms matched with a fifth element, that of spirit or what may be known as Aether. This Aether is often compared to the so called light of God, an energy field that composes, collects, restores, and harmonizes all (Bluehorse 235).

According to M Theory, modern day Super String Theory, the entire universe is made up from subatomic strings whose scintillation is the basis of material existence. Within the various spiritual accounts given by the world’s peoples, there is a consistent recognition of an all pervading energy whose existence may be harnessed and condensed into tangible and practical forms. Take the words of Christ Jesus for example who says:

“Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, as it is written: ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat’” (John 6:31).

With this Mana, it is told that the Hebrew people survived for dozens of years in an arid dessert.

It is quite possible that the mana collected was sourced from dissolved gold dust, ORME’s base material. In ancient times, the combination of hydrochloric and nitric acids were combined to generate “royal water” or “water of the king” to bathe and breakdown gold into its hidden and essential character (Cox 31). Gold, though not especially rare in nature compared to other metals, has been consistently highly prized as a material with economic and spiritual value.

The alchemical value of gold is to be arrived at through consistent divisions made through acidic functions that help to break down the substance into micro-clusters, tiny bundles that are built from two to several hundred atoms grouped together (Cox 31).This creates gold in its monatomic form, a composition whereby the outer electron orbitals have been reconfigured to contain a single atom thus making it inert. As a chemically inert substance, there are several dozen benefits to be arrived at with monotamic Gold dust whose discovery has been revived within ORME, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements.


Ormus, although likely previously collected, understood, and used by the ancient scientists, was most recently discovered and shared by David Hudson. David Hudson, in his 2011 conference on ORMUS in Enota, describes how in the 1960s while farming, he observed a strange substance that would arise from the combination of 80% sulfuric acid, taken from a copper mine, with his farm’s soil could produce a bubbly and oily mixture on the field.

From this mixture, the beginning stages of the strange and dynamic substance of monatomic minerals were observed and harnessed thus beginning a renaissance of possibility and discovery within this once ancient art (OceanicOrmus 2 min). Monatomic elements are extremely intriguing substances. Monatomic minerals are those with a single atom in their molecule.

Scientists using archaeology procedures found these in volcanic soil, river beds that have dried up, and even one’s own urine. (In the GNO 1). Another property of monatomic products is that they frequently are accompanied by trace minerals, which are key ingredients in many of the human organism’s more fine and subtle processes (In the GNO 1).

Creating OMRE

To make ORME, one must wash gold in an acidic solution, such as sodium hydroxide, and then reconstitute it in the furnace as bulk metallic gold. This process may be repeated to develop a higher degree of ORME purity so that any other base metals may be pulled out (Cox 32). In the ORME state, gold is a white powder that is the color of hoarfrost or talcum powder and no longer possesses the material qualities of the once yellow metallic gold but in its stead has several other highly beneficial applications (Cox 32).

The term ORMUS technically comes from an Egyptian Sage (known in modern times as a shaman or religious specialist) from Alexandria in 46 A.D. who is responsible for the creation of the “Order de la Rose-Croix Veritas,” the Order of the Rose Cross (Bomar 1). Orm is Babylonian for worm or serpent and French for Elm. Later, the head master of the Priory of Sion, a one Jean de Gisors, devised the title ORMUS for himself with the (M) of Virgo as his symbol (Bomar 1). What these hints indicate is that Ormus is an extremely rich and bountiful item whose presence conveys wisdom, a trait of the serpent, and health, a key function of Virgo, the harvester, in the Zodiac.

OMRE efficiency

The amazingness of Ormus’ history and discovery can only be matched by its efficiency in action. The number of benefits arrived through its use. The physical benefits found with Ormus by and large help DNA itself to actually relax and repair itself. According to David Kane, one of Ormus’ foremost researchers, Ormus allows for the DNA to generate what is known as a meisner field’, an electromagnetic containment field who may protect the central and peripheral nervous system from foreign and unhealthy influences.

David Hudson has found that 5% of the dry weight in the human nervous system is composed of Ormus (OceanicOrmus 1). Furthermore, the addition of Monatomics and their trace mineral additions can help to deal with several imbalances in the body such as memory, energy, comprehension, and many more deficiencies (In the GNO 1).

According to Bomar, the Ormus may act as a quantum super solvent who has a critical role in superconducting wet-grey cerebral matter that is the world’s most advanced quantum computer (Bomar 1). David Kane and his research crew indicate that Ormus in its natural state is repelled by electromagnetic frequencies that are carried within all modern technological devices (Ormushumannagold 1).

This may cause damage to the DNA structure whose biostructure is both photonic and definitely bio-energetic. The exact damage and frequency level of hurt are uncertain at this time however the extreme example of cell-phone tumors suggests that long-term exposure to low amounts of electromagnetic frequencies can be seriously disruptive. With the rising integration of technology in society, especially with the ‘internet of things’ suggesting an all-out merging between the real and artificial worlds, electromagnetic static feedbacks threaten to cut people off from the source of their true energetic nourishment found in natural sources like those existing in nature such as Ormus.

Breakdown of OMRE physics

Ormus, white powder mono-atoms, are electron neutral and thus are inert and unreactive with other atomic structures. Thus, the molecules are quite immune to break down in digestion and have no risk of toxicity, a risk found in other ‘normal’ metals (Ormus 1). As such, they show little to no sign of endangerment when consumed. Indeed, spiritual benefits of Ormus are reported to be quite profound. Those who use Ormus report becoming much more alive and unified with their environment, critical aims of alchemy. Incredible dreams are also widely reported.

It is expected that as a superconductive 5th element, the Ormus substance may act as a synchronizer and go-between particle for molecules to communicate with higher dimensions whose influence may otherwise be missed by bodies bombarded with stress from artificial lifestyles (Ormus 1). Ormus is quite unique in this respect and thus would corroborate exactly with many ancient alchemical treatise on gold and the benefits derived from using it.

Ormus and scientific advancement

Beyond the implementations that Ormus-DNA combinations have for humanity’s bioenergetic health and healthcare technology, there is still the grand possibility and function for Ormus to move along and protect emerging nanotechnologies that rely upon DNA styled nanostructures. Stevenson et al. of the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology write that:

The ability to assemble nanoparticles into arrays, networks, and circuits in a precise and controlled manner is key to the fabrication of a variety of nanodevices. Networks of nanometer-sized metal or semiconductor islands, or quantum dots, may exhibit a variety of quantum phenomena, with applications in optical devices, nanometer-seized sensors, advanced computer architectures, ultra-dense memories, and quantum information science and technology.

The challenge is that fabrication with nanoscale precision of nanoparticle arrays in a time and cost-effective manner remains a formidable task. Interest in the concept of self-assembled nanostructures led to the idea of using DNA as a scaffold or template for the programmed assembly of nanoscale arrays. DNA can be modified with functional groups at predetermined sites to allow for the attachment of other molecules in a specific manner.

We, report an approach for thiolating one end of the DNA/nano particle product and attaching it to a gold surface. The ability to attach one or both ends of the DNA/gold complex, after generation of the desired patter, to fixed contacts or electrodes is necessary for nanodevices fabrication. (Stevenson et al. 397)

This is simply one of the first of many possible scientific breakthroughs Ormus stands to offer unto science.


In a nutshell, the Ormus substance shows vast potential for human and scientific use. The leading edge of ORMUS is a promising field that has researchers examining science and religion. Those interested in learning more about Ormus can do so through following any of the many helpful sources cited below. Also, when using Ormus, one does not simply eat raw gold, rather, they find Ormus that has been created by a reliable and trust-worthy monatomic producer and then they take a dose appropriate to the prescription given by seasoned professionals. In using Ormus, there are a host of many wonderful and alchemical benefits to be harnessed including enhanced longevity, psychic wholeness, and physical balance, and strength.

Also, when using Ormus, one does not simply eat raw gold, rather, they find Ormus that has been created by a reliable and trust-worthy monatomic producer and then they take a dose appropriate to the prescription given by seasoned professionals. In using Ormus, there are a host of many wonderful and alchemical benefits to be harnessed including enhanced longevity, psychic wholeness, and physical balance, and strength.

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