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Sample Grant Proposal

The following is a sample grant proposal for the Young Writers Incubator project. Business plans such as this are constructed by the professional writers from Ultius and only one of the custom writing services offered.

Submitted to: The Academy of Writing Arts

Submitted by: Lindsey Learning Center Development Team

New York, NY

June 1, 2016

Ms. Helen Miles
Business Development & Grant Office
The Academy of Writing Arts
1 Main Street, New York 10001

Re: The Young Writers Incubator

Dear Ms. Miles:

The Lindsey Learning Center Development Team is pleased to present this proposal for your review. Our goal is to enhance and expand our student program called The Young Writers Incubator. At first, the program focused on developing the creative writing skills of 40 economically disadvantaged students who live in the East Harlem neighborhood in New York.

The program has been in place for nine months and as a result, we have seen a 50% improvement in student in-class performance independent of educational reform, an increase in excitement about participation in the project, a 40% increase in school attendance, a requirement for taking part in the program, and teachers report a new found sense of confidence on the part of most students.

As a result of the exciting aftereffects of the project, we would like to augment our offerings, elevate the program, and expand our services to include all of the students at The Lindsey Leaning Center. We would like to request $375,000 to hire additional writing teachers, purchase writing software, additional computers, the latest edition of The Artist’s Way textbook by Julia Cameron for each student, and sponsor local trips to expand the young writers’ horizons.

We appreciate The Academy of Writing Arts taking such a special interest in enhancing the writing lives of our students. If you need additional information about this proposal, please feel free to contact us at 212-222-2222, extension 2222.

Thank you,

Arne Van Cleef
Lindsey Learning Center Development Team Coordinator
222 122nd Street
New York, New York 12345

The learning center

The Lindsey Learning Center serves students between the ages of 6-14 who are part of a dynamic, though economically underprivileged Hispanic community in the East Harlem neighborhood. Many of the children are bilingual and come from families where Spanish is exclusively spoken in the home. The majority of the students are performing at below grade levels when compare to other communities in the local area. The Center serves young students whose parents are unable to support or supplement their child’s academic advancement. The Lindsey Learning Center assists students in the community to achieve or surpass grade-level statistics gathered from national state and federal sources.

Student and community risk factors

The Lindsey Learning Center has provided information obtained from educational federal, state and local reports. Supplemental documentation has also been obtained from the U. S. Department of Education and the New York State Education Department.

Lindsey Learning Center problem areas

– – 75% of the students are qualified to obtain minimal supplemental educational services

– – 55% of the students have only one employed parent receiving low pay, while 45% have two parents employed, but both are earning income that is below the poverty line.

– – 85% of the students have no access to accelerated programs similar to those accessible by students whose parents have a higher disposable income

Community problem areas

— None of the students receive resources or support for proficiency programs in any subject area

— The majority of the students live in non-English speaking homes

— Family income levels are 36% lower than national averages

— Acceleration programs accessible in other communities are not available to students in this community

Program goal and objectives


The goal of the Young Writers Incubator program is to provide identified students of the Lindsey Learning Center with a special advanced placement program to enhance student writing skills through an immersive writing program, thereby giving students the tools to identify their voice, and to utilize their voice to make a difference in their world. In addition, while on this journey of discovery and exploration, to enhance the totality of their writing, reading, comprehension, listening and speaking skills.


  1. Increase students’ ability to creatively describe the world around them through writing
  2. Take field trips to points of interest to stimulate the students’ exposure to other experiences beyond the limits of their neighborhood
  3. Create opportunities for the students to meet with published writers, including book authors, newspaper and magazine writers, screen writers, and others, to experience writing can become a career in the future
  4. Utilize The Artist’s Way textbook, an internationally acclaimed seminal work on developing creativity in writers, to stimulate the students’ depth and breadth while engaged in the writing process
  5. Helping students to see themselves as artists, who now have an amazing instrument that they can cultivate for the rest of their lives
  6. Students will interact with and utilize their colleagues to gain perspectives on their progress
  7. Students will select a subject of interest and write their first book

Lindsey Learning Center description

The Young Writers Incubator program has been designed to address the specific needs of the students of the Lindsey Learning Center. The program was developed to offer education to improve writing, thereby creating a squadron of writers who know how to be creative, understand the structure and cadence of writing in its many forms, and to arm students with a skill and the confidence that they can build a career in writing for the future. The Incubator will be available to students from age 6-14, and will continue throughout their time at the Lindsey Learning Center.

Writing teachers who have also been employed in other writing capacities represent the ideal instructors the program will be interviewing. Writers who have established careers in the writing arts embody the type of instructor the program is seeking because of the rich experience they could convey to the students. In addition to published writing teachers, we will hire several writing teachers who are also technical specialist, to assist the students with their use of writing software and computer utilization.

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