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Sample Personal Statement

Writing a great personal statement is something that takes an incredible amount of skill and talent. They must be concise, clear, and sell the qualities of the person in question. This is a sample personal statement from an Ultius writer of an individual looking to get placed into the Johns Hopkins dermatology program.

Sample personal statement

My name is Bob Dylan and I am seeking residency in the Johns Hopkins dermatology program. Over the course of my educational and professional career, I have excelled in maintaining a passion to help better the lives of those around me. In this short personal statement, I hope to articulate what I can bring to the field of dermatology.

After graduating from Medical School, I aspired to help people both medicinally and academically. A few years ago, I moved to Japan to teach English and mentor young children living in rural areas of the country. Even though my time abroad was an intense learning experience, it was not my first teaching endeavor. Regardless, this cultural transformation was by no means easy; I began to establish relationships with some Japanese children that were far more holistic than those I maintained with students when serving as a TA. Yet I enjoyed the challenge of adapting to the new atmosphere and quickly cultivated a strong mental aptitude to solve the medical problems I witnessed.

One of the many reasons I desire to have a career in dermatology stems from some of the many dastardly effects of diseases I have seen over the years. Specifically in Japan, I witnessed children mocked by their peers due to having severe acne scarring and other skin diseases. Even my own father, an incredibly accomplished neurologist, became shy and self-conscious due to the vitiligo in his hands, a disease which destroys skin pigment. My passion to help people with these specific skin disorders is truly something I believe separates me from my contemporaries.

Moreover, I also feel I can excel in bringing my authenticity and humor to the dermatology field. In college I performed as a stand-up comic and also sung in several plays. While I must admit my singing was never very good, I always had the ability to turn it around into something funny (not an easy task for a competitor like myself). Later when I taught students both in Japan and the United States, I used this comedic background to win over their passion for learning, something I will continue to do as a dermatologist.

Furthermore, I have a unique perspective on both my country and, for that matter, the world. I have traveled to over twenty different countries across the globe. My desire to see unique places, meet different people, and encounter new challenges has given me great insight into dealing with a multitude of different personalities. And above all else, I believe being a truly exceptional doctor requires making ethical decisions, and the ability to be compassionate and humble, attentive to the needs of others.

At the end of the day, I may not have the highest test scores or the most enthralling life story, but I will always have an innate ability to understand and emphasize with others very well. Being in the medical profession requires more than simply writing prescriptions; one must truly care about the work they are doing and the implications such work has on a person’s emotional and psychological state of mind. My personality, fitting the description of someone so passionate about making other people feel comfortable and happy, makes me an excellent fit for this opening.

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