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The Coolest Colleges in America

The Coolest Colleges in America

How do you define cool? Excellent? Top-notch? First-class? Out of this world? This sample essay takes a cue from the guys at Old School and consider a “cool school” a place where you just enjoy waking up every day.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Appalachian State University

Known for being a university that has the longest running program for eco-technology, Appalachian State University is the college you want to go to when you want to exercise your alternative power prowess. Students are given firsthand experience at organic agriculture and lessons in low impact transportation. Located in Boone, North Carolina, students who attend this university often take a geography class where they learn how to understand snowfall prediction by launching a weather balloon. Appalachian State University earns a spot on this list because of its innovative educational fields.

The Coolest Colleges in America: University of California, Irvine

With many universities within the UC system in California, UC Irvine has built its reputation on extracurricular environmental groups and events that include conferences on recycling, reducing bottled water waste, and orange growing. Students who go here tout their high-profile Toward a Sustainable 21st Century discussion and sweet yet, tart orange juice squeezed from the oranges on the trees.

The Coolest Colleges in America: California Polytechnic State University

If you’ve ever wanted to bone up on your Chardonnay, Chablis, or Merlot along with the science behind grape fermentation and green harvest, look no further than CPSU. That’s right; you can earn a B.A. in Wine (a.k.a. booze). The university is located in San Luis Obispo near the ocean so surfing between classes is just another perk to the university besides gaining appreciation for viticulture.

The Coolest Colleges in America: The Julliard School

Everyone enjoys music. Who doesn’t enjoy classical, especially? The Julliard School is known for its diverse assortment of instruments one can major in as well as its strong arts programs in both dance and drama. From dance history to tap to avant garde classical music, this college has it all and is located in the heart of New York City, a bonafide hot spot for all things artsy.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Bowdoin College

If you’ve gone to eat in the school cafeteria and pondered just what exactly was in the mystery meat or whether they had something other than fried, fried ,and fried; then like most college students you typically eat off campus at the local Chinese restaurant, McDonald’s, or Subway for dinner. Bowdoin College changes that. With two dining halls, the college is known for its meal experience. From a salad bar containing everything from broccoli to kumquats to a sushi section to a specialty area with grilled organic tofu; if you can think of it, Bowdoin’s probably got it. The college has racked up tons of awards for its mouth nirvana delicacies and exceptionally good taste in scrumptious goodies. Say goodbye to the mystery meatloaf and hello to chicken a la king, duck confit, or lobster if you choose to attend Bowdoin in Brunswick, Maine.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Webb Institute

Have an interest in naval architecture or marine engineering? Then Webb is your college. On top of that, the school is noted for its tuition free attendance. Students engage in the valuable learning experience of constructing and designing all things water-vehicle related within the comfort of not having to take out loan after loan after loan. The institute does have health requirements before you can be accepted due to their mandatory Winter Work terms, but hey, the free education is the biggest perk here.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Alfred University

Friendly and vibrant, Alfred University is grounded predominantly in the field of engineering. Most specifically, rollercoaster design. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to design your own rollercoaster with corkscrews, inversions, and steep drops, Alfred is your place. The university is located two hours from Buffalo, NY and within the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. And I know what you’re thinking, that Alfred is named after Bruce Wayne’s butler. Sorry to disappoint, but Alfred University is named after King Alfred of Wessex, who styled himself the King of the Anglo-Saxons.

The Coolest Colleges in America: American Film Institute

Located in Los Angeles and known for its selective admissions, AFI is the film school to go to if you are seeking to direct, produce, write, or become a cinematographer. Many alumni say AFI is the place to go if you know where you want to go in the film industry. One of the perks of attending is that you are given access to members of the Screen Actors Guild and $13,500 to make a film for your thesis.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Naropa University

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Naropa promotes introspective education, a phrase commonly used by Shambhla Buddhists. The university has activities that range from meditation to ikebana to a Japanese tea ceremony. Much of their education is grounded wholeheartedly in Buddhist inspiration and being aware of self. Each class, irrespective of major, incorporates a certain contemplative element into it.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Hindu University of America

Offering and providing enlightenment in a modern world, Hindu University of America offers programs in Ayurveda, Hinduism, Vedic Astrology, and Yoga. Within the city of Orlando, Florida, the university is committed and dedicated to influencing its students in the ways of Hinduism, which is a distinct set of philosophical perspectives and considered the oldest religion in the world.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Hampshire College

A college where students design their own study programs and make their own paths, Hampshire College encourages independent research among its students. With interesting majors such as agriculture, which takes place at Hampshire College Farm Center, a working farm; to biomathematics, peace, and world security, this college crosses traditional academic borders.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Harvard University

Founded before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Harvard University is known as one of the oldest institutions in the U.S. The university consistently ranks in the top 5 best colleges within America on all lists and has created a name for itself through its challenging, yet engaging academic environment. Students from both inside and outside the United States continually enroll in the university that has endured with its mission to advance new ideas.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Culinary Institute of America

Considered the world’s premier culinary college, students from around the globe seek out education at CIA (no not that place in Virginia). The school has campuses in California, New York, Singapore, and Texas and has been exciting students with the art of food for decades through its Baking Arts, Pastry Arts, and Culinary Arts programs. The Culinary Institute of America allows students to experience the science of food and why it tastes so good along with on-the-job training in the hospitality industry. Students who come to the CIA learn both the general understanding and the precise details about the world cultures and cuisines.

The Coolest Colleges in America: Centenary College

Interested in learning about horses? Look no further. Centenary College is consistently voted as the top college for equestrian. Providing courses in hunting, jumping, and business management as well as riding instruction, Centenary College is a good fit for those of us looking to do all things equestrian, specifically competitive riding.

There are plenty of different reasons to choose a college. If one of these doesn’t spark joy, you can always consider tuition cost, prestige, location, or some metric entirely unique to you. College only happens once, so it’s worth choosing carefully.

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