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The Order Lifecycle for Ultius

So, you have decided to submit an order to Ultius, with high hopes of getting a good product delivered to you. But would you like more information about what happens, between the moment that you place an order with the company and the moment that the final product is delivered to you? In that case, please keep reading, and you will end up with all the information you want to know. We also have a dedicated FAQ where you can read common questions and answers.

Placing your order

The first step of the order lifecycle for Ultius is, of course, you placing an order with the company (click here to see the pricing page). Once you fill out all the relevant information on the order form and hit submit, your order enters the Ultius system. From this point, one of the expert writers contracted with Ultius will pick up your order and begin work right away. As soon as they have accepted the order, they should introduce themselves to you and give you an update on the status of your order.

Personal verification

If it is your first time with Ultius and you are placing a relatively large order, then the writer can’t accept your order until you have verified your identity by providing appropriate personal information to the company. Ultius itself has no interest in this information. The whole point is to just make sure that your own identity is protected. For example, if you order $200 worth of work, Ultius wants to make sure that you yourself actually ordered it, and that someone else has not stolen your personal information without your knowledge.

Order accepted!

Once your order has been accepted by a writer at Ultius, you will be able to communicate with that writer from that point onward, via your dashboard. Through this interface, you can submit any additional instructions or materials that you would like your writer to incorporate into your order. Your writer will do the best he can to make sure that all your instructions for your order are met as carefully as possible, so that you will get the exact final product that you expected all along.

The writing process

Depending on your deadline, your writer will take several hours to several days to get the work done on your order. During this time, you should not worry if you don’t hear much from your writer. The writers at Ultius are professionals: all they need to know is what needs to get done, and the deadline they need to have it done by. As long as they know these things, you can rest assured that you will receive your final product by the specific deadline that has been promised to you by the company.

The editing process

In truth, there is a gap between the writer’s deadline and your (the client’s) deadline. This is because the writer finishes your order, and then sends it over to the editing team at Ulitus so that they can double-check in order to make sure that your final order meets all your instructions and specifications. Depending on your timeframe, your writer may finish your order anywhere from several hours to several days before your deadline. At that point, the editing team will have your order in their lineup, and they will make sure that they run a quality check on the final paper before it makes its way to you.

The revision process

If you feel that the final order you have received does not meet your original instructions, then you are entitled to request a revision within 7 days. This revision may be accepted by your original writer; or, it may instead be taken on by one of the revision specialists who work with Ultius. Either way, you can be in contact with the support staff the entire time in order to make sure that the process is moving along according to your needs. Read more about our full revision policy.

What can the writer do?

Your writer can contact both the editing team and the support staff on your behalf. So, if you feel uncomfortable with reaching out in other ways, then please just let your writer know what you need (through the Ultius interface), and the writer will make sure that your concerns are directed to the proper Ultius staff members who can help you out. Please remember: Ultius is committed to making sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire order lifecycle.

If you need to express any concern at any point, then just feel free to reach out.

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