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Writing Skills Taught in College That Will Prepare You for the Real World

As a student, you may be wondering when you will ever end up using the writing skills taught in college, in the real world. Even if the career you plan on going into will not require you to write very often, there are several key career and life skills writing helps us develop. And the good thing is that even if you do not consider yourself a pro writer, online resources like college paper writing services can help you hone your skills.

In fact, these must-know writing skills can cost you or win you your dream career, whether you are planning a career in technology, nursing, social work or engineering. Many students are unaware of these key skills taught in college that are essential for real-world success.

To get a head start, check out this post. We will cover:

  • Why writing is important in the first place
  • Common writing styles, and when to use what style
  • Four key writing skills taught in college that will fuel your success in the real world
  • Finding assistance when you need it from top-rated college paper writing services

Why are writing skills so important?

It may seem as though writing is not important in today’s technology-driven world. Spell check apps like Grammarly (and other resources you didn’t know existed for college students) make communication so much faster and easier, right? These things do make communication easier. But, technology is also one of the reasons why writing is actually more important than ever today.

Think about it this way: People are communicating more frequently online through multiple platforms, every day. Even though videos and voice chat are common ways to communicate, writing still dominates the online world, and will continue to. This means clear writing is essential for clear communication. And, clear communication is a central part of any job whether sending a text to your manager, writing an email, or perfecting your online professional profile.

Writing papers in college, tedious as it may seem, provides a perfect foundation on which to learn polished writing and communication skills. If you can ace paper writing, you can master just about any other type of writing. Plus, a college paper writing service is a great resource to turn to when you need clarification or just need an all-star example to turn to.

Common writing styles

Before we dive into four key writing skills taught in college that will set you up for real-world success, it is important to understand a few different writing styles.

  • Scholarly writing. Scholarly, or empirical writing, is the most common writing style used in college. It uses formal language, is objective, and usually avoids using pronouns like “I,” “you,” or “they.” Empirical writing also generally includes research citations. Scholarly writing is appropriate for use in school and careers involving scientific research and reports.
  • Business writing. Business writing can vary dramatically depending on the industry and situation. It uses professional language, but is usually less formal than scholarly writing. Business writing can include sales writing (copywriting), emails, cover letters, and proposals. In most of these situations, a common aspect of business writing is that it is persuasive, logical, clear, and professional. You may use business writing in a variety of situations, whether you are writing emails to colleagues within your company, or writing marketing plans for a company you operate.
  • Conversational writing. In many cases, business writing and conversational writing overlap, especially if the business writing includes engaging promotional content or emails to colleagues. But conversational writing can also include informal messages written on social media, emails and text messages. Conversational writing is just that: writing that is written similar to the way we speak. Nonetheless, it is important to use proper grammar, spelling and style so that your message is clearly understood.
  • Creative writing. You may also encounter creative writing in school if you are majoring in liberal arts. This type of writing uses a generous amount of descriptive adjectives and is written in a way that helps readers feel and imagine the stories, experiences and feelings described. Creative writing includes literature such as poetry, creative essays, descriptive essays, novels, short stories and even magazine articles. If you plan to be a professional book writer, journalist or musician, you will want to perfect your creative writing abilities.

If you are given a writing assignment and are not sure what writing style is most appropriate, a college paper writing service can help clarify an assignment and provide you with example writing to use as a guide. Also, not all college paper writing services are only for college students. If you are already in a professional position and are unclear of what type of writing style to use, top-rated college paper writing services, such as Ultius, can usually help with professional tasks too (but make sure you choose a highly-rated service).

Four key writing skills to fuel your success

Once you feel a clear understanding of these basic writing styles, it is important to learn proper writing skills that apply to all styles. Practice and learn to do these 5 things through college essay writing, which will help you excel in the professional world. Sorting out the how-to of these skills can be challenging, which is why it can help to turn to a college paper writing service for direction.

1) Be concise

Being concise is critical in today’s world. Students, professors, employers and business professionals are faced with the task of reading lots of information, every day. The more effectively you can communicate in fewer words, the easier you will make their job, and yours. Writing college essays helps students learn to eliminate unnecessary words and write phrases that communicate necessary information without using “filler” words.

If you are struggling to know what words to eliminate or how to rephrase an idea to shorten your writing, top tier college paper writing services can provide helpful editing and feedback.

2) Be clear

The more concise you are, often the clearer your message will become. Small misunderstandings can lead to big mistakes, which is why clarity is important whether writing essays or text messages. But don’t worry, this takes practice. If you need help, a college paper writing service can help with this too by providing examples and paper writing help.

Professors, especially in graduate level writing, will require clarity. Avoid using pronouns. Instead, use specific nouns. Use tools like numbers and bullet points, when necessary. Here are some tips for being clear:

  • When asked a question that cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” response, reply by writing out the entire correct answer. For example, if in doubt, when writing research questions and hypotheses, re-state all the details.
  • Number procedure steps or options so that different items are easily identified.
  • If in doubt of instructions, clarify by asking “Am I correct in understanding…?” and then re-state what you think the instructions mean.
  • Use logic and vary sentence length. If a sentence seems too long and confusing, break it up and explain one thing at a time.

Are you curious about buying an essay sample? Learn what to look for when purchasing an essay online.

3) Make connections

Learning to make connections is a skill that you will likely perfect by writing research papers. For example, when writing a literature review of a research subject, it is important to do more than simply paraphrase the research you collect. Instead, the purpose of a literature review is to synthesize research findings. This means thinking about the similarities and differences between what different pieces of published writing say about the same topic. Making these connections will build your understanding of what is known about your topic.

Learning to synthesize what you know in your writing also helps you write impressive job applications and proposals that highlight your knowledge. Making these connections in your mind can be easy, but putting them on paper can be difficult. Again, a quality college paper writing service can help you organize your thoughts on paper.

4) Learn to be detail-oriented

Being detail oriented may not seem like such an important skill in the age of auto-correct. But, auto-correct still does not catch everything. Sometimes auto-correct even comes up with its own, hilarious and embarrassing ideas of what we are trying to say. Check out these two silly text message examples:

What should have been said: What auto-correct said:
“I’m dressing up as Yoda for halloween!” “I’m dressing up as yoga for halloween!”
“What does Sam need for his birthday besides that shirt? Darth Vader sleep pillow for his bed??” “What does Sam need for his birthday besides that shirt? Darth badger sleep pillow for his bed??”

Mistakes like this are good for a laugh between friends, but not so good when they mean an embarrassing moment between you and your boss. So, check your spelling and grammar. Proofread your work, and consider having a college paper writing service give your writing a final round of edits.

How a College Paper Writing Service Can Help

As mentioned, a college paper writing service can be a great resource if you are feeling stuck with any of these skills. Just as private tutors are a valid service to get help with difficult subjects from, looking for college essay help from an online service is completely okay.

But, be sure you choose a top-rated writing service that will work with you, offer custom work and provide feedback. Here are some of the ways a writing service can help:

  • Editing writing to be clear and concise
  • Outlining, organizing and synthesizing research
  • Editing and proofreading for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Providing example papers to use as writing guides

Finally, be sure to choose a college paper writing service that fits your specific needs, for the best experience.

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