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Individual Business Analysis: Travelocity

Travelocity is a company that offers consumers discount rates on travel-related expenses, such as airline tickets and hotel rooms. This is a competitive market, and this sample business analysis seeks to understand how and why Travelocity has done so well for itself.

Individual Business Analysis: Travelocity

Travelocity is a popular company that offers consumers low prices on travel expenses. There is intense competition in this market; the consumer wants to find the lowest prices possible, and will go with the company who delivers on that promise. Travelocity is a company that offers the consumer what they are looking for through a concise marketing strategy and a hold on what consumers need and value about a good company and service.

Marketing mix strategy

Travelocity offers consumers a choice of tens of thousands of hotel rooms, about 50 car rental companies, 6,000 travel packages, and flights on several of the most trustworthy airlines worldwide. In fact, its total travel earnings exceed $7 billion annually (Pride & Ferrell). According to Sheri Cyprus at Wise Geek, a marketing strategy is the result of a series of decisions that have been made about how a product or service will be promoted in order to target its customers.

Such marketing strategies are used to increase company sales, launch new products and services and help to generate profits in general. The

“marketing mix, which is also known as the five Ps, refers to the product, price, packaging, promotion and place or distribution” (Cyprus).

Travelocity operates primarily through their website, but they advertise through commercials as well as over the internet. The primary goal is to make sure that consumer gets the information and services that they are looking for.

Competition among travel sites

As far as competition, there are a few big names in travel. Travelocity has a great deal of competition from Expedia, Orbitz, and other popular travel websites. In order to deal with the competition, Travelocity uses an advertising technique that they call “the Travelocity Guarantee.” It has three main aspects.

  1. The first is that it guarantees low price. If a consumer finds a lower price within 24 hours, the company will refund the difference and allow a $50 credit for a future travel purchase.
  2. The guarantee also allows customers to change passenger names, flight dates, and flight times without paying extra if the change is made within 24 hours.
  3. In addition, it pledges to alert customers in advance of any issues that may negatively affect their travels (Pride & Ferrell).

Travelocity goes above and beyond the competitors with this service, the value of said service, and the relationships that they make and keep with consumers.

Travelocity relationship marketing

It is important to understand the relationship between the company and the consumer. According to Marketing Teacher,

“the relationship marketing approach can also be used not only for external customers, but also for internal customers or what is known as internal marketing… essentially one focuses upon employees and work colleagues and building relationships” (“Customer”).

The consumer and company relationship is a crucial one to a company’s success, especially when a company directly runs on the happiness of their customers with their services and products. The long-term relationships that are created keep consumers coming back, and keep employees and stockholders happy. In this, the company will continue to find success in their business of choice. Travelocity is a consistent, hard-working service that the consumer can count on.

Value for travel services

It is also important to remember value-based marketing when considering the marketing mix strategy of a company like Travelocity.

“Value-based marketing is the process by which a company attempts to gain the maximum impact from its marketing strategies and initiatives… ideally, a company can reach the largest amount of potential consumers and persuade them to purchase its product with a streamlined, cost-effective marketing approach” (Wiley).

Travelocity has a very consumer motivated approach to marketing that uses a heavy technological base because their services operate out of their website. Their company value stems from their consumer relationship marketing strategy and, because of their dedication to creating these relationships and keeping them strong and constant, Travelocity is able to keep their profits up because consumers are happy.

Social responsibility

Travelocity cares a great deal about its customers and how they view the company. Travelocity tests its website for ease of use frequently, and keeps several testers on hand in order to make sure that their website is consistently user-friendly. There is a customer service hotline that is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As well, the abandonment of password access, instead using email or other personal information to access an account, caused their revenues to rise 10 percent (Pride & Ferrell).

As a part of Sabre Holdings, Travelocity Business participates in programs that reach out to and work to help their communities. They participate in programs like Math Can Take You Places (prepares students of all ages for mathematics) and Travel for Good (an effort to use travel for positive change) (“Corporate”). The article, “Corporate Social Responsibility,” states:

“our community outreach programs support human services and civic initiatives by helping build strong, healthy communities to further enrich the lives of their citizens.”

Travelocity is a company that truly gives back to their community. It is always a relief to see companies that are willing to spend their money on services that will positively impact the world around them.


Travelocity consistently finds ways to help its customers increase their ease of experience, their satisfaction with products and services, and simply their general happiness with the company. They offer volunteer services, a positive marketing experience for employees and consumers and make sure that their services are running smoothly at all times. As a result, Travelocity is a reliable company that cares about the quality of its services and the happiness of its consumers.

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