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Undergraduate MLA Research Paper on Marketing Shoes

This sample marketing paper explores possible marketing strategies for Shooz brand athletic shoes. It explores a dilemma between a salesperson and the director of marketing. This MLA-style marketing paper was written at the undergraduate level to serve as a sample.

Selling or Buying: Marketing from Both Sides

As the director of marketing, it is important to be open to new options and ways to increase business. Shooz brand athletic shoes are targeted towards baby boomers and that generation uses several channels other than traditional television, meaning that Shooz should also use several different channels for marketing. With sources like social media and internet streaming, using only television to advertise is not a wise marketing move. According to Ipsos and Google, baby boomers now spend much more time online than they do watching television (Nanji).

Role of a salesperson

A salesperson could play a large role in helping the director of marketing to think about different marketing options. A salespersons job is to adapt to the needs of the buyer. He/she would be able to effectively lay out all the methods that could be utilized by Shooz and help to avoid overconfidence bias, or overestimating the trends and how well a marketing campaign would work (Bauer, Erdogan, 11.3)

Recognizing the need

The director of marketing, in this scenario, is currently in the “recognizing the need” of the buying process, per “The Power of Selling” (6.2). Since there are no prior internet marketing campaigns for Shooz it is apparent that the director has not yet realized the need for internet marketing.

Once it is realized that the director of marketing has not put stock in internet marketing, as the salesperson it would be smart to have much research on the trends of baby boomers’ statistics and implement marketing media strategies. Now, obviously opening straight with research is not a good use of a pitch but to have quick information off hand when questions arise will allow a smooth transition into the sale.


An Introduction to Organizational Behavior teaches that emotions are always at play (Anonymous, 7.5). In this scenario, as the salesperson, trying to convince the director of marketing to buy into internet marketing offered with Online Marketing Concepts would be a delicate process. Not only could outside sources influence the director’s emotions (i.e. if he had a bad day at work, so far) but the word choice and images used in the pitch can also have a negative effect, meaning Shooz would not be buying advertising from the company. Keeping emotions high is a vital part of selling marketing, just as much as research is.

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